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Akane and Ranma had what could only be described as a Love/Hate relationship. They fight but still manage to stay together. Though what if one fight was just too much? Ranma wakes up and he's in a different town, there's a new girl, and new enemies. Can Ranma adjust to this new life and deal with his past mistakes? A Ranma 1/2 + sailor moon X-over

A Change for the Better
Part one, The New Kid in Town
By Ryougas best friend

"Why me" Ranma sighed as he walked down an unfamiliar street, in an unfamiliar city. "I cant believe she hit into another city" he said in saddened amazement. Their fights were only getting worse, *I mean her aura turned black with rage and nullified our engagement* he stopped his thought train as he entered a park. "She said she hated me..." he said sadly picking up a rock and whipped it into a bush.

"Ow!" a familiar voice exclaimed.

"R-Ryouga?!" Ranma went over the bush and noticed his friend/rival camped out behind it.

"Ranma" the fanged boy growled grabbing his umbrella, "Prepare to die!" he tackled Ranma out of the bush. They both jumped to their feet Ranma gave a frustrated sigh.

"What did I do to you to encourage this, breath?" he said irritated, Ryouga growled as a response. "Look Im sick of this, what do you want from me?" Ranmas voice calm but it was forced.

"I want you to suffer, everything you do always turns out right in the end" tears of anger filled his eyes. Ranma was about to protest that part but Ryouga continued, "Your loved" he added, Ranma said nothing. "I want you to know what its like to be alone without the ones you care for, then you can ask me to stop" he finished glowing green, Ranma stood sadly.

"Looks like you got your wish"He was caught off-guard on the first blow and he was nailed with a huge beam of depression. Ryouga was shocked, "I-I defeated Ranma" he stated collapsing shortly after. Ranma stood shakily and stumbled away.

"Damn , hes getting strong" eventually exhaustion took over and he fell. The last thing he saw were 5 girls in strange costumes running toward him, then he blacked out.

At the shrine the five sailor scouts stood over the unconscious boy, "I wonder who he is?" Usagi stated studying him. "I mean there was an intense power reading in the area and we find no sign of the negaverse, but a guy just laying unconscious in front of us" she was obviously concerned, Luna shook her head.

"I dont like this one bit. What if hes part of the negaverse, it is to much of a coincidence. I suggest we be careful" She said seriously.

"Oh Luna, you say that about everything" Usagi blew her off, Artemis shook his head.

"Lunas right we should take all mysterious happenings as potential threats" he said seriously. Ami nodded in agreement, Minako looked The boy over.

"Im wondering if hes single" she said with a dreamy look.

"Minako!" Rei gasped in surprise.

"Oh come on you cant say hes not handsome" Minako said slyly. Rei snorted indignantly, but said nothing. Makoto had zoned out staring at him.

"Hello...earth to Makoto" Usagi said waving her hand in front of her face, she snapped her fingers.

"Huh?" Makoto shook snapped out of it. "He just looks some much-"

"Like your ex-boyfriend" the others chorused, snickering.

"Ha ha ha" Makoto sneered.

"oh come on were just joking around" Usagi said with a smile, The boy groaned. The others crowded around him.

"Damn Im gonna kick Ryougas ass for that one" he sat up and looked around at the girls slightly embarrassed for not noticing them. "Ah, hi"

"Hi Im Usagi" she smiled brightly, "These are my friends Ami, Makoto, Minako and Rei" the girls in question greeted him.

"We found you unconscious in the park, Are you okay, um.." Ami asked concerned.

"Ranma. And Im fine, Ive taken much worse" he shrugged off her concern, "Ah, do you mind telling me what city Im in?" he asked scratching the back of his head. The looks here got upset him.

"Your in Juban, why?" Minako answered, the others nodded. Ranma gave a sigh.

"Id rather not say, might as well start here. Do any of you know where I can stay?" he said frustrated. Makoto finally conquered her nervousness and spoke up.

"I have an apartment not far from here. There plenty of room for another person" she struggled to sound causal, Ranma fidgeted a bit.

"I wouldnt want to be a hassle or nothing" he said trying not to think of what Akane would do to him.

"No really its no problem, you know just until you can find a place of your own" Makoto smiled trying to ignore the silent snickering of her friends.

"ah, okay" his face a little red, "I-Im gonna go clean up". He headed down the hall, The instant he left The other started to laugh at Makotos expense, even Ami giggled slightly at the embarrassment of her friend.

"Wow I didnt know you had it in ya" Minako said patting Makoto on the back, "So you planning anything" she said slyly. Makoto blushed and looked away.

"Oh come on, its not like that I dont even know him" She said suddenly finding the floor very interesting.

"But this is your chance to" Minako continued smiling. "and if you dont Ill take a shot at him" she smiled.

"Hey!" Makoto said surprised.

"I thought you didnt care?" Minako said innocently. Makoto noticed her mistake and quickly gave up. Ranma was about to enter the room, he stopped at the door catching what they were talking about

"Okay, he is good looking and sure Id like to get to know him" she said with a sigh.

*oh great* Ranma thought behind the door, *And here I thought it was an act of kindness*.

"But he didnt seem very interested in me or anything. Im not going to force him into liking me, so if hes not interested at all Im not going to try anything" her voice a little saddened.

*Wow* Ranma was surprised to say the least, *Thats a first*.

"Okay, but I get the next cute unconscious guy we find in the park" Minako joked.

He opened the door a crack and finally got a good look at Luna and Artemis. "C-c-c-cat!" he yelled closing the door again, shaking with fear. The girls all looked to the bathroom confused.

"Thats odd" Luna stated calmly, "I wonder what that was all about". Usagi went over to the door and knocked.

"Ranma are you okay?" she heard various hysterical shouting, about evil demon cats. She headed back to others "Sounds like hes afraid of cats".

"Thanks for stating the obvious" Rei rolled her eyes.

"Well looks like youll have to hide until he leaves" Minako said to Luna and Artemis, Both sighed and ran to the closet.

"I hope they dont expect us to do this often" Luna snorted as she entered.

"Its okay theyre gone" Usagi shouted Ranma slowly opened the door slowly.

"You sure" he looked around the room and came out, nervous. Makoto couldnt look at him she just stared at the floor. After Ranma calmed he was bombarded with questions about his fear. He didnt go beyond that it was cause by something in his childhood, eventually Makoto had to leave bringing Ranma with her. As she walked through the park, Ranma finally spoke up. "Look Makoto I heard what you guys were talking about when I was in the bathroom" He said still looking forward, Makotos face went red.

"Y-you did" she said embarrassed, Ranma nodded.

"And I just want to say thanks" He said calmly.

"Huh?" she responded intelligently.

"Well, There are...were a lot of girls who are after me. Yet they never seemed to care what I thought about them, or let me get to know them before planning a wedding date" he looked over to her and their eyes met. *Wow shes really cute, what am I thinking I already have three...two fiancees* he let out a small sigh, Makoto looked away again.

"N-no problem" she found it hard to talk to him, in this setting. I was too much like a date. "Well were almost there", she pointed to a building up ahead.

The rest of they way was in silence, neither having the nerve to say anything for their own reasons. The pair headed up the stairs and they entered Makotos home, it was clean and cozy. "Nice apartment" he accessed, she smiled a bit.

"Thanks, its not much but It gives me all the space I need for my studies and hobbies" she said calmer, beginning to relax a bit.

"Hobbies?" Ranma asked.

"Ah, Well I like cooking and I practice a little martial arts, among other things" she said a bit nervous.

*Figures, thats a common theme for me* he mused, than looked at her. *still shes hiding something, hmm*. "Thats cool, Im a pretty good martial artist myself" he stated like it was nothing.

"well maybe we should spar or something" Makoto suggested calming down, Ranma scratched the back of his head.

"Um, dont take this the wrong way or anything but I dont fight girls" Ranma cautiously.

"Huh, why not?" a little hidden anger in her voice.

Ranma noticed and a shuddered, *Hopefully she isnt like Akane* he thought.

"I was taught that you should never fight girls, that they should be protected" Ranma tried to explain. "Im not saying your weak and helpless, its just that its against my code of honor" he finished, his eyes closed expecting to be knocked into another time zone. He felt nothing, he cracked open one eye. Makoto was looking away.

*Wow, this guy is a dream* she thought with a light blush. She quickly shook it off and smiled a bit. "Code of honor, eh?"

"well, um...yeah" he stumbled over his words, Makoto chuckled a bit at the discomfort Ranma was in. "What?" he asked irritated.

"oh nothing, so are you hungry?" she said trying to change the subject.

"Boy am I ever, I havent eaten since yesterday"

"Really why?"

"Ive been lost and I didnt have any money on me"

"How you get lost, you didnt even know what city you were in" Makoto persisted heading to the stove to start her food.

"Akane airlines" He muttered


"Nothing, you wouldnt believe me if I told you" Ranma sighed, *no use having her think I am a nut job* .

"Whatever you say" she said a little put off while she cooked. "Well if you wont tell the reason your here at least tell me about yourself" still trying to learn anything about this mysterious boy.

"I dont know if youd believe me, my life is stranger than you could even imagine"

"I doubt that" Makoto held back her laughter.

Ranma was going to reply when he suddenly stopped, *Maybe I should just tell her everything, either shell understand or she wont believe me.* "you want the whole story" he stalled.

"Sure why not?" she placed the food on the table.

Ranma took a deep breath and began, "Well it started 10 years ago...". He went through all his training and hardships, his father, Neko-ken, Ukyou, Ryouga, Shampoo and mousse, all the way up to Jusenkyo. At this he stopped, Makoto was already visibly saddened at the story of his life at this point. "Makoto" he paused looking for the right words, "do you, do you believe in magic?" Ranma asked in a serious tone.

"What do you mean?" She asked a bit shaken by the randomness of the question.

"Exactly what I said, do you believe in real magic"

she nodded mutely , *What are you getting at Ranma? *. Ranma went into the kitchen and came back with two glasses.

"Ive been cursed" he said eyes closed. Makoto was a little on edge, Ranma sighed. "I fell into a cursed spring of Jusenkyo. I fell into the spring of the drowned girl" he paused.

"Drowned girl?" she asked

"Yes, Anyone who falls into that pool" he dumped the glass of cold water on his head, the transformation occurred as usual. Makoto watched wide eyed as the handsome man before her turned into a short red hared girl any female would be jealous of. "Takes the body of a young girl" Ranma-chan finished in her new higher voice.

"oh my god" was all she could say.

"Thats only the beginning" Ranma sadly transformed back using the other glass. He continued through his trials and problems School, his remaining fiancees, Akane, Nabiki, the kunos and all of the random strange happenings up to the most recent in arriving in Juban via Akane Air.

"I should probably leave now, I dont want you to have to deal with my problems" he bow before the stunned girl. "Thank you for the food Makoto" he started to leave.

"Hey where you going?" she snapped out of it, she wouldnt have believed it if she hadnt seen it with her own eyes. Ranma just shook his head.

"I have to go back to Nerima..." he turned again but was stopped by Makoto. Her hand on his shoulder, a staring into his eyes.

"You know going there will just break your heart, this is a good to start over. From what youve told me this is the best option and you know it" she said firmly, Ranma faltered slightly.
"Why are you so intent on keeping me here" he said in a now common saddened voice, "I dont see what you gain from keep a sex changing freak around" he twinged at his own insult. It had come straight from her lips to his *Akane*

"Im not, Im trying to keep a nice guy from hurting himself over a short-lived relationship with an untrusting abusive girlfriend. Me and my friends can help you, give us a chance" she finished, holding his shoulders looking into his eyes. He gave a half-hearted struggle, before closing his eyes.

"I want to stay...I really do but I cant, the others will find me and itll start all over again. I dont want any more people involved then need be" he opened his eyes, but Makoto still held him firm.

"From how you explained it, no one will find you. Just give us a chance" she continued, "one day and I can get my friends and I to show you the best time in your life. If it isnt than Ill let you go sulk back to Nerima, deal?" he sighed.

"One day" he said with reluctance, *no good will from this* he thought remembering all of his past experiences of a fun day with girls.

"you wont regret this" Makoto smiled with relief, Ranma said nothing. He headed of to her guest room. Once he left the room, Makoto ran to the phone. "Now to get organized, hello is Serena there?" and so it began...

A Change for the Better
Part 2, First Strike
by Ryougas best friend

"Thats horrible" Usagi said in shock, she had been listening to Makoto explain portions of Ranmas past. "How could he stand that kind of thing every day?" there was a pause on the line.

"I dont know, he keeps a hard outer shell. But I think he really cared for that, Akane" Makoto voice had no small amount of anger for that name. "And she was so dense she thought he hated her as much as she hated him. Oh if I just had 1 min..." she trailed off in order to calm down. "So will you help?"

"Of course, did you even have to ask. Now to the business at hand, how do we entertain a martial artist who hates water. Why does he hate water any way?" Usagi asked there was a long pause.

"Its kind of a personal thing, he didnt want it spread around" Makoto hoped that it subdue her curiosity for a while, "he wouldnt tell me" she lied.

"Okay, well anyway the only places I can think of would be the arcade, the movie theater and the park, sorry we dont get many super powerful martial artists" Usagi said a bit disappointed with her own answer.

"Yeah all we get are demons and Nega monsters" Makoto state solemnly. "I cant let him go back there. I just cant" her silent determination was all to clear.

"I know Makoto, dont worry. Everything will be all right" Makoto could almost she Usagis smile.

"Thanks, now will meet you in the park at 11. Please not to be late" Makoto heard the pouting noises on the other side of the line.

"Come on Im not going to sleep past 11 on a Saturday" Makoto chuckled at her protest. "Ill be there".

"Goodbye Usagi" Makoto hung up, she checked the clock. It read 11, *I better get to sleep* she thought heading to her room.

In the guest room Ranma twitched and moaned, remembering the horrible incident.

Ranma walked along the fence heading home from school, on the ground by his side was a very quiet and distracted Akane. He gave a casual, yet concerned look on her. Shed been like that since lunch, where hed been mobbed by his other fiancees. It was a common place occurrence in Nerima, but shed never been like this. "Yo Akane, whats up youve been like this all day?" he said jumping down, she stayed silent. *This cant be good* he thought. "Hey stupid, whats wrong" he said mildly irritated.

"Shut up Saotome" her voice was cold, Ranmas heart stopped.

"Wh-what?" he was just shocked, no matter how angry she had never called him Saotome.

"What an intelligent come back, Im glad were alone because Ive been thinking. And Ive come to the conclusion that I will never love you, your so egotistical and arrogant I dont see why any girl could even stand your company. I tried from the honor of my family but I cant stand you, I hate every inch of your freakish sex changing body" she began to show signs of critical mass, but he couldnt tell the sound of his heart breaking echoed through the empty streets. He collapsed to his knees, dissipate the constant sound of his father telling him its unmanly to cry tears came.

"Akane..." he choked out weakly. Akane brandished her mallet.

"Get out of my sight, you sex changing freak!!!" he was caught by the upward swing

Ranma awoke in cold sweat, his heart sunk. *why?* he sat on the bed brooding over his losses. "How come I never get a break, what did I do ta deserve such a sucky life?" he said in drained frustration. A delicious smell crept into his room, he momentarily left his pain behind and headed into the main room. "Wow smells good" he said entering. Makoto turned and placed the food down.

"Good morning to you too" she said sarcastically, Ranma reddened slightly.

"Sorry" he laughed slightly

"So you ready to have fun today"

"Im sorry ta say but I can grantee that somethingll happen and mess it up before we even approach fun" he said in a calm voice. Makoto frowned slightly, *that really boosts my sprits* . he finished eating and stood.

"Do you think Ill have a bit of time to train?" he said stretching his arms, she looked to the clock. It was 7:00, that was plenty of time.

"Sure go ahead" she said, sitting down and watched him as he went through his katas

A strange women sat in the shadows just outside Makotos home reading a small screen, "By the stars, he has enough power to be half of the activation energy for the chrysalis. Hey Leo you getting this reading" the wind wavered as a large man materialized into existence.

"Yes, getting his soul will make our job much easier, The Zodiac dynasty will live again. Send a Panthergast to get his soul and send another to that other reading we picked up. Im counting on you Virgo. Dont screw this up, you know the Master cant stand failure" his voice was fierce and loud. With a roar he vanished, the wind wavered and calmed.

"Tight ass" Virgo muttered stepping out of the shadows. She had short purple hair, light brown skin, dressed in leather and various strange marks on her face and arms. Most prominent was a large purple chunk of amber with the symbol of Virgo burned on it placed firmly in an armlet. She could easily pass for a Goth. "Now which Panthergast to use, the boy is tough. Scyus, Torturer of the wastes, rise!" the symbol for Virgo appeared on the ground and a tall man bearing a glowing whip slowly melded out of the ground.

"Yes Mistress, what is your bidding?" his voice was cold and empty. Ranma and Makoto left the apartment and headed off.

"Bring me the soul of Ranma Saotome, the girl and all others that get in your way are expendable. Dont come back empty handed" The Panthergast nodded and disappeared. "Now for that other one" she blinked out of existence. Only a chill wind remained.

Ranma and Makoto were walking to the movie theater, trying to forget this was a contest. "Honestly Ranma, you never said you were that good" she complimented him, "maybe you could give me a few pointers". Ranma gave a casual glance over.

"Sure why not, maybe later" he slowly gained his confident smirk that hed lost for quite a long time. They entered the theater under the watchful eye of The Panthergast, it was gone seconds after it appeared. Ranma enjoyed his movie, hed always liked Jackie chan. Makoto would have preferred something more romantic but it was good none the less.

"So you having fun Ranma" Makoto pushed, Ranma chuckled slightly.

"Almost, Frankly Im surprised. Normally we should have been jumped by now, especially since Ryouga is in the same city" he remembers his direction. "Well maybe, I never know where that guy is until he jumps out yelling RANMA SAOTOME-" A roar interrupted him.

"I am Scyus, Torturer of the wastes, Your soul belongs to me" the cold voice of the Panthergast penetrated the happy moment, with the snap of its glowing whip. Ranma was somewhat surprised, but his pride over came it.

"My soul belongs to me" he whispered to the side "Makoto get out of here" He said entering his attack stance and charges the monster. He swings, the monster grabs his fist and throws him off the path.

"Ranma your good but this is suicidal get out of here" Makoto shouted to him as he stood.

"I thought I told you to get out of here!" he shouted. The panthergast turns to see Makoto and whips out his whip, Ranma charges full speed and jumps in front of the energized whip, it wrapped around his arm. He was surrounded in a black aura of energy and began to scream out in pain.


"Just give up, you cant beat me" A different panthergast made of stone states in a confident voice, A figure of a young boy crawls out of a small smoking crater, he stands with a determined look in his eyes.

"I never give up" he says picking up an umbrella. "I will not be defeated!" the orange clad warrior charged and smashed the monster through a chain linked fence over a ridge into the park. He punches down into its arm, the monster smirks not feeling the pain. The warrior smirks before saying, "Breaking point!" the monster screamed in pain as its arm exploded. Ryouga gets up and kicks the monster down the path, just before he finishes the monster off.

"RANMA!" a girls voices shouts, he turns toward it. *Ranma, why is he still away from Nerima?* was the first thought in his mind.

"Thats it, no more playing around" the panthergast growled aiming his remaining arm at Ryouga, a strange energy blast flew out toward the distracted warrior.

"Wow this is odd, It looks like there are four nega monster out at once. But thats insane, and why are they all in the same place. This makes no sense" Ami examined her screen in frustration. Suddenly she noticed something "Wait only two of though auras are dark, the others are...Green and Blue?! There not nega, but what are they?" she closed her computer and withdrew her heshin rod. "I better check this out, MERCURY PLANET POWER!!!" She went through the transformation to Sailor Mercury (She was surrounded by nifty special effects and theme music). Opening up her com-link to the others and headed out. "Hey guys we have a major emergency in the park, there are two nega monsters and two unknown powers. Try to get there as soon as possible" she ended transmission and started off to the park.

Usagi is running at top speed to make to the park, "Im late, oh no. I-promised-I-would-be-late-now-Makoto-is-gonna-kill-me-oohh" she wailed as her comm-link rang. coming to an abrupt stop she pulled it out and listened.

"Hey guys we have a major emergency in the park, there are two nega monsters and two unknown powers. Try to get there as soon as possible" Amis voice echoed through the speaker.

"oh no, Ranma and Makoto are in the park. I better find somewhere to change" she became serious and charged off to the park.

"Oh no Ranma" Makoto yelled, well Ranma convulsed with the surges of energy flowing through his body. *I have to change and dust this thing* she thought backing away behind a bush. "JUPITER PLANET POWER!!" she transforms into Sailor Jupiter. She jumped out "Drop him nega scum!" her voice was cold and full of anger. The panthergast looked up.

"And who might you be girl" the monster question.

"I am Sailor Jupiter, defender of the right. Im here to destroy you" she began to power up. The panthergast laughed and shot a stronger pulse on energy into Ranma who screamed in horrible pain. Jupiter filled with intense anger and power up more than ever before, lightning crackled all around her.

"huh?! Wheres all that energy coming from?!" The panthergast stared wide eyed at the girl in front of her. Fear would have filled its soul, if it had one.

"JUPITERS...RIGHTOUS...VENGANCE!!!" A huge swirling mass of rage energy shot out filling the whip and sending the monster 100yrds back. Ranma fell limp on the ground, Sailor Jupiter ran to his side. His eyes opened slightly and looked straight into hers, a flash of realization hit him. *This girl has the same aura as Makoto!* he shakily stood up.

"I told you...to...get out of here Makoto" he said exhausted but refusing to stay down. Sailor Jupiter was shocked. *How did he see through my glamour field* she thought astonished. Ranma entered a fighting stance, this shook the scout out of it.

"Your injured, you need to get out of here. I can handle it" she enter a stance as well. The monster stood, burnt and beaten. The anger it had was apparent, he was being beaten by mere children!. Before the battle could continue Ryougas body went flying into a nearby wall. The orange clad warrior painfully got up and noticed, Ranma, Jupiter and the other panthergast.

"You too" he said calmly to Ranma

"Yup, mines tough in close combat but doesnt like energy attacks. Yours?" Ranma said watching both monsters carefully.

"High endurance, fairly strong, overconfident and made of stone" Ryouga finished with a smirk. He joined Ranma and Jupiter. "Whose the girl?".

"Long story, tell you after we roast these guys" Ryouga nodded and entered his stance and in a silent agreement they both attacked the stone one. Ranma took the first strike "Kachuu Tenshin Amaguriken!" his hands blurred as he attacked. With difficulty the panthergast parried most of the blows, only having one arm and all. Ryouga slipped behind and stuck his finger in the monster side.

"Oh no" the monster growled letting his defenses down only to be battered by Ranmas onslaught. And then the coup de grace.

"Breaking point!" the monsters side exploded sending it sprawling the ground. Both martial arts masters stood over the whimpering mass and proceeded to pound it to dust. The other Panthergast growled and picked up his whip and took aim.

"You soul is mine, ha!" the whip extended and wrapped around the neck of its victim, with one mighty pulse a blue sphere exited Jupiters body. She fell limp and detransformed, Ranma stood in an errie silence. Makoto had jumped in front of the whip, but this one had removed her soul. Ryouga was shocked.

"You- you filthy bastard!" Ranmas aura became visible and glowed brightly, Ryouga s began to glow.

"There was no point in killing her, she had nothing to do with this. I see that you dont leave here. PREPARE TO DIE!!" both glowed brighter.

"Mouko..." Ranma began

"Shi Shi..." Ryouga powered up

"Takabisha!" the blue ball of confidence flew out.

"Hokudan!" The green beam of depression rocketed forward. The Monster screamed in pain as it was annihilated, both boys ran to the side of Makoto. In their grief they didnt notice the stone panthergast begin to reform.

Mercury entered the park, and watched a blip disappear. "Oh no, Makoto...Im too late". To her alarm she saw the blue and green power increase dramatically, there was a flash of in the distance. Not too far away and one of the nega dots disappeared. "Wow, that was unexpected" was all she could say as she arrived. A huge stone creature was about to attack some bystanders. "Mercury aqua rhapsody!" the monster was encased in ice, this caused the two bystanders to look toward that direction. Mercury gasped silently, *Ranma is the blue reading, he must be unfathomable strong and that other boy is right up there with him, no wonder. That nega creature never stood a chance* . Ranma looked toward Mercury for a minute and he was shocked for a second time.

"Ami?" he asked a bit torn at the moment. The girl in question stumble slightly.

"Howd you?"

"Never mind, we have to help Makoto. Her soul was separated from her body" he said sadly holding the warm globe of light.

"This isnt good, unless we can get that back inside her soon, shell die" Mercury stated in a very serious tone. "How did it happen?".

"Some monster sucked it out with some kinda energy whip" Ryouga answered pointing to the whip that laid next to Makotos still form. As Mercury began to analyze it, the panthergasts icy tomb cracked open.

"Ha Now youll all suffer" it fired a black beam, Ryouga stepped up and fired a counter.

"Why wont you just die!" the blasts collided sending both combatants back. Ryouga flew back hitting and smashed into another body. They both laid still for a second, then Ryouga began to stir. He painfully opened his eyes and found himself looking straight into the face of a girl about his age. She was still unconscious from the force of Ryougas recoil. *Wow* he admired her for a moment, then slowly stood. His thoughts when to Akane, of her catching him in mid transformation. *Akane doesnt want me...* he was surrounded by a deep green glow. *no one does!* the glow increased, he noticed the panthergast getting up and leveled him arms toward it "Its not FAIRRRRR!!!" The shi shi hokudan that was released was twice the normal size, the monster only had a second to react before being enveloped.

Usagi and Minako approached the battlefield, they were transformed and ready to fight. They stopped just in sight of a large monster made completely out of stone, crawling out of a small crater. Apparently it hadnt noticed them, so Sailor moon decided to finish it. "Moon Gorgeous Meditation!" the monster growled and shattered and the pieces were incinerated by a large green energy beam. Sailor moon and Sailor Venus exchanged a shocked gaze, that huge beam came from a boy standing next to an unconscious Sailor Mars.
"Usagi, Minako over here!" Ranma shouted, hearing the urgency in his voice they ignored the fact of his knowledge of their identities. Mercury finished the analysis on the whip as they approached.

"Oh god, Makoto" Minako said with a gasp, detransforming.

"What happened to her?" Sailor moon said kneeling by Makotos body. Mercury flipped her visor back up.

"A monster has removed Makotos soul from her body"

"Her soul? why would they want souls?"

"Im not sure, but I figured out how we get them back into the victim" she picks up the whip, freezes it and throws it to the ground. When it shatters the ball of light floats out of Ranmas hands and into Makotos body. Her eyes flutter and she groans.

"Makoto?!" Ranma helps her sit up. She looks at him and theyre silent, the eyes locked. Ranma closes his eyes "You should have listened to me and got away. I could have taken him" he said calmly.

"Ranma, he was going to kill you. If I didnt stop him he would have taken your soul, I dont let that kind of thing happen to MY friends. Thats my own personal code of honor" she stated with a weak smirk. Ranma smiled slightly.

"It still wasnt a good idea" Makoto crossed her arms.

"You would have done the same thing" there was a pause.

"Granted" there was another moan as Mars awoke. When she sat up, Ryouga looked away.

"I feel like I was hit by a freight train" she stated, Ryouga turns slightly red and felt uncomfortable.

"Well I better get going" he stated picking up his umbrella. Ranma let Usagi support Makoto and headed over to him.

"Hey wait up a sec" Ryouga stopped.

"What do you want Ranma?" his voice was cold but not as much as usual.

"You think you could hang around for a bit, I thought maybe we could talk for a little bit. Ya know catch up" Ranmas calmness made Ryouga paranoid.

"You must be desperate if you want to talk to me" Ranma gave a frustrated sigh.

"Just humor me here. As sad as it is your the my best friend and I figure at this point we have no more reason to hate each other" the sadness appeared for a second. Ryouga examined the situation *What does he mean by that? *.

"Why cant I just see you at the dojo next time I find it?" Ranma was silent for a moment.

"Im not going back to the dojo...Akane nullified the marriage" Ryouga was surprised, their fights were never that bad. "I dont want to go into the details just yet". After a moment Ryouga gave in.

"Okay Ill stay, not like I have anywhere to go" he said with a shrug.

"Thanks, this means a lot to me. Besides I think some of the girls are checking you out" Ranma gained a sly grin. Ryouga blushed, * Why would a girl look at me, Im no Ranma?* he thought looking over to the girls.

"What a hunk, hes every bit of good looking as Ranma" Minako stated to the others, even Ami was impressed by his physique. Usagi and Makoto werent all that interested. "And hes so strong. Wow".

"Thats the oaf that hit me" Rei said rubbing the back of her head. Minako turned to her, and protested.

"It wasnt his fault, the monster blasted him back. You happened to be coming from that way" she pointed out. Ami silently stared at him while they argued. *Hes strong, kind, motivated..but theres something off about him. I just cant place it, hmmm* she thought to herself.

Off in the shadows Virgo cursed silently, "I sent out 2 of my most powerful monsters and they were destroyed by a bunch of kids. Where did they get all of that power?" she punched a tree which earned a small crack. "It doesnt make sense" a roar penetrated her thoughts.

"You failed" he said simply, fear filled Virgo. "You get one more chance before the master takes care of you" Leo nodded.

"Dont worry it wont happen again. I just wasnt giving them enough credit, but I have a plan now. Sure fire job" she stated in full confidence.

"It better be" with that he disappeared. Virgo clenched her fist and glared at the group.

"This fight is far from over, Saotome. You too Hibiki" she faded out leaving only a chill breeze...

Disclaimer: I don't own Ranma 1/2 or and of the other animes or video games I use in my stories. I do own any characters I think up though(The zodiac deamons of a change for the better for example) so I don't leave emptey handed.